Pink, Purple, Orange ,Red,

Colours many, colours bright,

Oh Zinnias! you are undoubtedly an enthralling bouquet of delight.


Symbolizing endurance you patiently brave the midsummer heat and frosty winter with fortitude.

You are the fairies that adorn my pavement.

Your petals are winged rays of hope –

Flourishing in cracks, smiling through crevices

You find comfort even in the most inhospitable places.


Euphorically dancing to the passing zephyr,

You nod your heads with a rapturing smile.

The twirling bees surround you ,

The bewitched butterflies come seeking for you,

Yet your muted eloquence reflects your tranquility.

You are an unpretentious beauty in natureโ€™s lap.


Picture Credit : Masood Aslami ( Pexels)


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