Gazing at the mystical sky I wonder 

there’s a part of U breathing in I

A speck of the universe 

brewing in me,

Stardust coursing through my veins

A black hole in me that’s 

void of your touch,

Echelon of fireballs twinkling

in my eyes 


There’s a part of the universe 

in everything we despise

Be it the muddy tracks 

Or the wildflower by the roadside.

The intriguing galaxy attracting 

Us every day after nightfall

The vacuum that binds our souls

That magnetic sense I get 

every time my lips whisper your name.


Orbiting the celestial realm

for fourteen billion years

Finally, I found solace in your arms

the stagnant heart replenished

passive hopes began to breathe

dormant eyes knitting fantasies

Life sprouted with a delighting zeal

where UnI are words of the same verse.

Pic Courtesy: Pixabay


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Written by Sonali Ray

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