Your Name


# Entry for PoAttic 6 
Your name 

Written on a yellowing page,

Takes me straight to you,

With hands entwined,

A smile on the lips,

Humming a tune ,

Near a mountain ravine,

Watching the last sunset together,

We had promised to meet again,


A fragrant breeze reminds me

The promises you made

While far  away you went

I dream 

You are still mine ,

Wistful smile erases the years in between

That without you I spent,

With just hope 

And a few useless  tears ,

I wonder 

Where does the love go,

That promises to stay 

For many births ,

What remains is just a few pages,

And a blasted heart,

With your name,

Written all over,

Unable to love again.


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Written by Sarita Khullar

Sarita Khullar is a retired associate professor in English from Hans Raj Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jalandhar. She loves poetry and fiction. She also likes birds, flowers, animals, and humans.