Floating friendless,

On the tumultuous waves

Of life…

Serenaded by the blasphemous sorrow

Of transient victories,

Humiliated by the discordant dance

of mutilated dreams,

And, encircled by the emphatic assertion

of chastising fear…

You slip into an unrelenting vortex,

Of pitiless yesterdays…

Buoyant oxygen, depleting…

Bit by bit by bit…

You bow down 

To the familiar foe…

Mourning the irreversible loss.

And then, a soothing voice 

offers a life jacket.

Like a wise counsellor,

It whispers into your ear…

‘You have it in you’

A small smile supplants your tears,

Warm bubbles replace the cold sheet

Blanketing your heart,

And you gather the scattered will,

To stand up. Yet again.


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  1. So deep and beautiful, my dear! Again the choice of words, wow!👏Absolutely loved these last lines- “A small smile supplants your tears,Warm bubbles replace the cold sheetBlanketing your heart,And you gather the scattered will”💚💚

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