Yesteryear and snowflake

Where the lonely tree was not so lonely 

Silently absorbing the beauty of flurry

Picturesque fleets,snow capered mountains 

The swirly flother, compact and unique 

Delicate and fragile much like relationships

Slow and steady shikaras navigate with versatility

Paving through frozen white blankets of purity

The water merely visible act as reflections

Of glorious misty peaks and celestial globe

Complacent heart suffused novel endeavour of hope

Stellar crystals fall calmly making no cacophony 

Unlike those of mortal bonds when gathered contrasty 

The crisp virtuos air swaddled the entity

Mellowed willow trees whisper in tranquility 

Sentiments of innocence refreshed,banters

Captivated emotions away from meanness and manners

Engross in dreamy fairylands amidst cheescakes

Powerless yet powerful tiny miracles of silver flakes.

Ketki Jalan 

Picture – Unsplash


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Written by Ketki

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