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Don’t go off on me now, Miss Opinionated.

I won’t be that silly,

And pen something promiscuous or filthy.

I wouldn’t dare do so.

Poetry Parlour would show me the door.


For me ‘X-rated’ would be

Those theorems I got wrong in Geometry!

Or the large, red ‘X’s’ I’d receive,

Each time X didn’t find Y, you see.

Do you see now, what I intended,

Was to tell you that Maths should have been ‘X-rated.’

Abolished, deleted from the face of the earth.

I’m quite happy now, with the few dimes in my purse!

Never needed Maths a bit in my life,

So wish it was ‘X-rated’ from the beginning of time.



What do you think?


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    • 😂😂 I did the same. But history repeats itself and I found myself teaching first the son and now the daughter, grudgingly. I must say I do understand the dreaded matter better now. When I was young I simply got cold feet. Now that the girl got cold feet, I can help her sit and decipher the gibberish.
      Thanks Moonmoon.

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Written by Natasha Sequeira

PP Pioneer


X for …..?