X for …..?

X for……….???

Oh My! Has anyone written a poem which has a title starting with X?

I refer the dictionary a hundred times,

But don’t find options aplenty.


X- mas? Nah! It’s January now.

Xylophone – That’s probably too musical,

Xena – I don’t want to anger the warrior princess,

Xylem – Hey ! I’m not a botanist,

Xi – Now that sounds greek and chinese to me.

There seems to be 400 odd words that begin with X,

Can a linguistic xenagogue throw some light on this?

Phew! One probably needs an X- factor to ace this.

But hey ! I just realize that my honest confessions,

Have actually turned into mediocre verses about X.

In case you all don’t like my vocal musings,

I shall just compensate for my ineptness with lots of XOXO.


Picture Credit – Pixabay


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