Wounded Butterfly

far away from the madding crowd

amidst the scarlet blooms, she lay

cocooned in her shell

her beauty still evident on her

scarred membrane,

beneath the superficial layers

she has suppressed the fireball

the throbbing berry, 

cracked yet pulsing

making umpteenth attempts to

protect it from being plundered

stabbed and ravaged, 


it was almost dusk and the setting sun

promised a new dawn,

the breeze brushed her messy tendrils

few of them shadowed her left eye

but her numb self unwilling

to adjust,

unmoved, she slept,

her caterpillar heart reluctant 

to progress, she was awaiting a change

a transformation, 


countless butterflies decorated

her flawless skin

each gifting her a colour from

their wing

percolating her fleshy blankets 

coursing through her veins

they reached her soul

the glint, the shimmer 

rekindled her crestfallen heart

awakened her slumbering spirit

and there she stood

amidst the scarlet blooms,

a ‘Wounded Butterfly’

flapping her colourful wings

she scoured every flower

every bud

in search of that friendly fragrance

that her heart, once lost! πŸ’š


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Written by Sonali Ray

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