NaPoWriMo 21 challenge

Day 2. 

Thank you..Words.

For giving form to my thoughts and freedom to my soul. 

For paving the way to a world 

where earthly constraints fail to dissuade an unfettered flight of the imagination, 

transcending barriers of joy and sorrow,

light and shadow, 

sound and silence, 

into a realm of profound infinity 

reigned only by a sense of calm. 

For empowering the pen to rejoice in the proximity of merciless truths..sans mask, sans fear. 

For bringing wandering thoughts home..

For offering a deeper contemplation, greater understanding and thoughtful reflection of life. 

True, you are often misunderstood but so is ‘golden’ silence. 

True, you sometimes taint the piety of emotions, but when was freedom ever free? 

Thank you..words..for setting free my thoughts from the prison of my mind, 

free to fly  with triumphant euphoria, 

 liberated from their owner’s being

to carve their own identity beyond the narrow confines of ‘I’ into the vast expanse of ‘We’.

You have beauty, depth and power.

You connect minds and souls. 

You rule hearts, you bridge distances, 

You are the divine angel with the secret panacea to all wounds, all storms, all disputes,..



What do you think?


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Written by Manju Dwivedi

A homemaker, a seeker of truth, a student of life.

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