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She, is a superwoman,

Who leads her tribe

With all grit and valour,

Spreading across positive vibes,

To every human in common.


She, is a superwoman,

Who takes care of her family,

With all affection and love

Never to see them gloomy,

And spread cheer like a magician.


She, is a superwoman,

Who, with ease, runs an office,

With dedication and devotion,

Making it looks flawless,

Oh! A definition of perfection!!


She, is a superwoman,

Who, trains hard, to win,

To don the national colours

And to craft every single win.

She, is indeed the pride of the nation.


Wait!! Aren’t we all superwomen?

In our own ways?

Doing what we are capable of,

To merrier merrier our days?

We, are indeed the SUPERWOMEN.


Kirti V

Image courtesy – Karl Magnuson at UnSplash


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Written by Kirti V

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