Witness the night




Ebony skies swallow the pristine white

Mute, forlorn, I witness the night

An endless agony tears me apart

As innocence and childhood depart


Leaving me writhing

Crying, begging

Tears of shame

Tears of pain


A fiery rage singes my whole

Yet unperturbed he ravages my soul

I wish to be free

From this drudgery and slavery


Reclaim my lost childhood

Live to see some good

My creator’s finally seen me, heard my woes

Freed I am, so what if it’s only my soul he chose


A renewed joy fills my heart

As my body and soul go apart

Floating in the clouds, I’m one with the pristine white

Happy, relieved, free, I witness the night


Book name – Witness the Night by Kishwar Desai


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Written by Chandra Sundeep

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