Winter's tale



One day as the mist spread its wings 

And cloaked the town. 

A fine gauze-like chill cascaded  

From the heavens above, 

Rippling through shanties in alleys,  

Mansions in boulevards,  

And tiny slated houses in hedged compounds.  


Out went the bright morning sun 

Behind puffy mushroom-like clouds it ran. 

All chirping birds took to their nests, 

Into trees’ nooks squirrels flew, 

And cats mysteriously shivered as if suffering from ague 

Homeless dogs tucked deeper into warm sand pits. 

By the blazing heart then I stood.   


As I warmed me, a little kitten mewled at my door.

 Her eyes looked into mine 

As if she begged for a gentle touch

 And a cozy hospice, so as to 

 Shrug off the cold as such. 

A warm bowl of frothy milk

 I proffered, and a pillow to rest herself. 


 This li’l vagabond, my tortoiseshell with brownish stripes loafed around 

Much longer after winter winds had gone. 

In sunlight, squirrels clambered out of nooks 

Pecked at barks, chattered, whistled and squeaked 

 Birds hopped, twitted and played as if winter  

There was none. And I realised brownish stripes fused

 With shades of sun, and my Tigger now solemnly loved his home.

© Mumtaz N Khorakiwala


Picture courtesy: Bianca Ackermann


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