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Winter’s blessings

‘Dull’ ‘gloomy’  ‘barren’ 
They bracket you in repetitive words.
I behold your blessings and wonder, 
If it’s a way for them to mingle well,
With friends and nod in acquiescence,
It’s easier to go with the trend.

I see your beauty in frosted dew drops
Your chilly wind, a respite from heat
I see your fertility, your abundance,
In delectable rainbow-hued  produce.

In colder lands, when snow flakes fall
You uncork a magic wonderland
And in your bosom we rejoice
The spirit of Holy Jesus Christ 
As we celebrate joyful Christmas.

Your leafless trees say, ‘hold on, be patient
Your perseverance will pay in time
It’s just  a test of your endurance’.

I hum your song, I align myself, 
With my environs, spread my wings,
To fly, no matter what the clime.

I need you winter, every year,
To stand my ground, to never fear,
The boom and slump of happiness 
Hold on gently to mighty grace.


Photo By: Michael Niessl


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