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Winter time

  • It is winter time

The sun is a sleepy head

Rises late 

Early again to hit the bed.

 I wake up in the darkness

Shivering in the coldness 

Need a harness 

To reach the bath.

He lights a bonfire

With dry twigs

Frozen like his bones

Longs for woollen attire.

Mother takes baby out

In the cold wintry weather 

Wrapped in a comforter 

Her coat of thick leather.

I enjoy the winter chill

Walking on the iced sod

See snow clad houses

Through frosted pane on my window sill.

– Pradnya Surve

Image courtesy Ibrahim Rifath on social


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Written by Pradnya Surve

A child counsellor and teacher, enjoyed every moment of motherhood
My Masters degree in Child Development and Family Relations is a value addition to a basic affinity towards people

Reading and writing is passion inherited from my family who were voracious readers, lovers of art and theatre

I am fortunate to nurture my interests having a life partner with similar interests. My children too are taking forward the legacy

Proud to be associated with Artoonsinn which is family for me

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