Winsome Dusk

Winsome dusk,

With the bouquet of desires,

Standstill with its tangerine red,

As if to gladden my heart

        and vanish my worries,

I glance at the view and fondle myself

for the wonderful offer of the sky.

I flatter with pride and bow a little

          To mock at the horizon,

just to reassure my worth of being,

Down I bow and smile at the earth,

          For being Sky’s chosen,

It all took me a while to realise,

Opportunity and offers need to be

          harvested at the earliest.

Dusk shall turn into twilight

and bouquet of desires shall be someone’s opportunity to hold on.

Blooms of hopes and light are tied into

 a bouquet proffered  by the Sun

         every dawn and the dusk.

Opportunist beget the opportunity at the realm of hopeful life.



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Written by Great.S.Upase


Writing is the echo of one's soul,

Song of unheard calls,

And weaving of dreams.


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