Wings of Fire

From childhood, he was a hardworking boy,

Delivering newspaper daily on bicycle, he did enjoy,

Those days, he did not have luxury to play with toy,

Still, he never complained nor did the situation annoy.


The basic lesson taught he learnt – “Simple living, high thinking”,

His vision of life was clearly defined, as he was growing,

Many times he failed, but every time he fought back smiling,

After graduation, he reached the designation he was reckoning.


His patriotism was supreme, he became a top cadre in Nation’s defense,

He ensured, his Motherland was well equipped, to face situation tense,

The  success of Pokhran Test results ensured his commitment intense,

Alongside, he garnered love and respect of common people, immense.


The Missile man of India, the People’s President, a live wire,

Never missed chance to motivate youngsters to grow higher,

The qualities of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, will never fail to inspire,

His journey of life was conveyed through the book, “Wings of Fire”.


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