Wind with chords, hopes and threads

Some day around I sit watching the wind,

Though invisible, I can feel it’s

arrival with the knocking window panes,

vigorously brooming my portico, flipping the curtains, curling the bedsheets,

And meshing my groomed hair.

The abstract knock shaking the tangibles and playing its music enthrals me,

Uncertain knocks sprint your adrenaline rush realising all the fear and the possibilities of uncertainty.

The firmness of the mind,

The agility of the body and the forecasting ability decides the direction of your destiny.

Their calms the wind,

To still steady your room,

Your mind calm and stable,

Your body equipoise.

Wind the traveller exits subjugating life expectancy.



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Written by Great.S.Upase


Writing is the echo of one's soul,

Song of unheard calls,

And weaving of dreams.


Remembering 26/11