Will We…

Will we Just … Be Only waiting

Will we just live like this

On hopes and belief that justice will be done.

Will we keep waiting for the

crime investigations to be sorted.

Will we call the police or are loved ones

When life is at stake,

Can the authorities be trusted, respected

After Nirbhaya got partial Justice

Will we only do Candle March

Silent protest and listen to Sympathising Speeches

When will we hear Shot Death for crime done

Without question and enquires.

Will we ever be able to walk in the moonlight

To star gaze and feel fearless.

Will we be only considered a body

Because God made us from a piece of rib.

To talk about woman empowerment

Self defense and all those big things.

Save a girl child, Educate the girl

And she will stand like a pillar.

Before all this make some provision

To keep her safe in the womb and outside

Because the ill health people on this Earth

Who only see her as their means of pleasure.

Brutally the Mentally needs to be killed

Only that way there will be something better.


I can’t  do much, but I shall teach my boy to respect everyone and my daughter to walk with pride.



What do you think?


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Written by Fatema

When life took a pause, Writing gave me a voice.

I am simply twisted .

Dentist by profession .

Writer by passion.

Mrs Kantawala at my Mansion.

Mother to awesome children  who are a big reason behind my writing.

I pen down my random thoughts as blogs, poems and quotes.

I am very glad to be a part of this amazing  writing platform.

Thank you😊


Be Kind.

Lies and Deceit