O! Look at the silent beauty of the wildflowers

Wild and free, sunny and all glee

The Divine joy to those that seek

Lover’s language, uncultivated Nature’s wonder

The countryside blooms with the myriad hues

How sweet can be the language of flowers!

The innocent children or the hapless people

Lacking shelters and running helter-skelter

Have a beauty only few can observe and praise

They lack everything yet they lack nothing

For God has given them colours abundant

One magical touch and they open up!

Out of the dust and clay some create masterpieces

Some talk through their stitches and artefacts

Some can play and can put the stars to shame

Some don’t surrender for their self-respect

They’re swayed by the cold and mighty winds

However, their talents never get hidden and resurface.

The hardest hit can be their greatest turnaround

Their emptiness becomes their privilege

They embrace themselves and discard their dead skin

Their true colours now form the brightest rainbow

The resilient souls receive Divine grace

His angels He sends to push them towards their goals!

Those iridescent hues shouldn’t be boxed up

They should exist free yet together for the perfect symphony

The mystic fragrance, produced, is such a balm for a tired soul

Cultivate positivity and resilience like these dainty blooms

To never surrender no matter where carried away

For life is learning always in process.


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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer

The Rainy Affair!

The Book of My Life