Why you didn’t say goodbye?

Maa, why didn’t you tell me before, 

You were not feeling well anymore.


Why did you love me so much,

Without you, life seems out of the clutch.


Why my eyes could not see your toil,

You wrapped yourself in an illusive foil.


I was busy making your dreams come true,

I forgot I need to be with you.


I remember how I narrated my day,

You gave me your ears every way.


You took away the spoon that cooks,

And handed me a bunch of books.


You taught me to keep my feet on the ground,

Let the work speak, mouth should not make a sound!


The thought still trembles me always,

When the reports said you may part ways.


The doctor told you could hardly sit,

To our surprise, you roamed like a fit.


Being Sunday no hospital took admission,

We sat near your head adding to your suspicion.


Few days of treatment and you bloomed like a flower,

We were convinced you will win with your will power.


But it was just as a lamp glorifies,

The moment before it dies.


You forced us to go away from your bed,

In a fraction of second, you were dead.


We screamed Maa look at our plight,

You sealed your lips so tight.


Why didn’t you bother to say Goodbye,

Maa, why did that astrologer lie?


He told you will be healthy till 85,

You left us like orphans just at 55!



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Written by Aarti Roy

A free soul, passionate dancer and wordsmith❤️


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