Who am I ?

Here is my entry for PoAttic5 

Behold, a wallflower half hidden by stone,

But not without sharp  prickly thorns.

That sometimes make negligent passerbys

Stop and look at  what nature adorns,


 Look  ! A twilight of blushing shades of red,

Awaiting dark night full of shining stars.

A nimble mountain river falling from the cliff,

Or an unhurried  stream with  a languid skiff,

Watch  !A rebel trying hard to change ,

 A stubborn crowd ,a surging mob,

A helpless coward watching with disdain,

Barbaric acts of violence causing bane,

Discern ! An amalgam of emotions wild,

A drop of nectar with tears of pain,

Though hurt it is a thousand times,

Still loves with passion,a silly heart arcane.
View! A broken hut in desolate valley,

With flowery creepers overgrown,rife,

Having the best and the worst imaginable,

Playing with jest the game called life.


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Written by Sarita Khullar

Sarita Khullar is a retired associate professor in English from Hans Raj Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jalandhar. She loves poetry and fiction. She also likes birds, flowers, animals, and humans.

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