Where do the rains belong?

Inside a massive cloud the tiny drops

Embrace each other, lest they fall

But the cloud that they make

 Confess that one day it would disintegrate.

Leaving blankness in their wake

The drops will have a free fall!

Getting scruples in place

To the earth would return the drops.

 But, the drops have often wondered

And in doing so, the clouds have thundered

Where do they belong?

To the sky or to the grounds?

They love it up there

Yet, in time sets in a despair

They dream to fall

Deciding that it is their actual call

Again, on the ground

They wish, to rise to the clouds

Thus, the drops go to and fro

Rising and falling in a row

When they do it on their own, it is okay

But they cry, when the clouds or earth say

โ€œRain Rain Go Away!โ€








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Written by Parul

Like all mortal beings

I constitute flesh, bones and feelings

and like in this world

all is not visible in one view

some facets of me

at your position, you can clearly see

others remain hidden

maybe visible to others

who again may fail to review me through your view.


PP Pioneer

The Crumpled Note

My Poetry is You!