Where are the little ones

Where are the little ones 

Far far away

My home so spick and span 

Where little feet once ran

Walls long for work of art

No shrieks and points of dart

No grimy soiled hands to clean 

Footprints of play not seen

My pots and pan sit still

No assembly on the window sill

Silence longs for howls and yells

Only sounds of windchime bells

Emptiness as days and nights prolong

The twitters gone long

My home is spick and span

Where little feet once ran

– Pradnya Surve 


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  1. Omg! Two poems both making me 🥺🥺🥺
    I’m just trying to hold back time. He turned five a few days back. And every moment I see him I feel why is he growing up sooo fast😭😭😭
    And this verse😭😭😭

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