When you're away !

Abbey Waterfalls, 10th February 1989

The vigorous sounds of cascading foamy waterfalls 

Clobbers the frozen timeless memories making me enthralled 

Peeling peas together in uncaring cold with desires

And preparing cakes from cow dung for campfires 

Life was a wondrous fluvial otherworldly fantasy


Madikari Meadows,12th February 1989

Winding through the green limitless pastures

Seeking for penchant doors to engage my fettered soul ungather

Ever since you advanced to the nautical expanses

I wander sun drenched in quest of idyllic self in stance

Greeting nightfall amidst flashing fireflies beneath star sprinkled sky


Kote Betta Mountain 14th February 1989

Deskbound with gimlet eyes, gazing the exposed bedrock second to none

Across undulated terrains ,blooms gleam with first rays of sun

A breast full of ardent spirits and comforting blush coloured joys 

The first sip of our tea midst swiftly passing clouds convoy

The pristine breeze caressing the captivated souls with touch of care.


Vatanapally Beach ,16th February 1989

Building castles and basking in love around the virile frame

Canvassing about wrinkled appearances of eventual domain

To a flightless bird,you gave wings towards soaring her passion

Steering my flutters beyond the devoted clear sky’s in elation 

The whamming milky waves blackjack me into woolgathering 


Coorg, 18th February 1989

I muffle my traverse in reflections and longing for you

The bawling thunderous clouds that wake me intrinsically construe

Whiffs in viscera persiflage my breakthrough exude

Reiterating I hover my glide girding the dimly lit latitude 

Salvaging my bantered friskyness ,peddling twinges eclipse.


Ketki Jalan 

Picture -Self


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