What's Poetry!

When the lips can’t express and the emotions strangulate 

When the eyes are dry but the heart bawls, cries

When yore’s moments recreate a curve on the shivering lips

When alphabets dwelling in the heart explodes, drenched in ink

When the pillows taste the salty tales every night

When the blank pages sing the ballad of this heart’s plight

When instead of daisies I feel like the dandelions

When the timepiece ticks its way but the heart stays where it desires to stay

When the glittering crescent floods every dark corner of my soul

When the morning gold promises me a new fresh story as it hides the old 

When the mirror reflects the inner scars but the fleshy veil covers it

When the empty pages are painted in red instead of blue ink

When the hardships choke every breath, forcing the pulse to sink

When the rainbow gradually fades away somewhere along the grey rims

The unvoiced emotions of this placid heart when engraved on leaves

That’s when the alphabets from the breathing chasm find a sanctuary

That’s when the ineffable emotions discover a canopy 

That’s when the fingers etch the ‘Poetry’ titled You and Me! 

That’s what Poetry means to me!


What do you think?


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Written by Sonali Ray

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