Monday – Poattic

-> A prompt is posed on Mondays at 8 AM IST. All members can write as many poems as they wish to(not more than one poem per day) and post it in the room until Friday at 3 PM IST.

-> Avoid adding any links or images with watermarks. Poetry Parlour currently isn’t allowing any kind of promotions. Posts with any kind of links or watermarks may not be approved.

-> Do not share any previously published poems. Watchers expect all members/artoons to follow Poetry Parlour rules.

-> The best poems may be published on

Tuesday – Poetic Dose

-> Any member/artoon at Poetry Parlour comes forward in posting a popular poem along with the interpretation of it and the members read and interpret their own meaning from the poem. An interactive lively session where the members learn and delve deeper into a poem rather than skim through the surface.

Wednesday – Poetrait

-> A picture will be posted at 9 am on Wednesdays and poets can use it as their muse to pen down their poems on it.

Thursday – Poetivity

-> Look forward to fun-filled activities hosted by the Poets club members on this day. From a one-word poetry prompt to a funny challenge, these naughty members will make sure they have something up their sleeves to entertain you.

Saturday & Sunday – Unprompted Poems

-> The weekend is for the members of Poetry Parlour to share the poems that they have written. New or old, poems that they want the world to read.

->Please avoid blog links and images with watermarks. Poetry Parlour currently isn’t allowing any kind of promotions.

Apart from this regular schedule, look out for the following activities:


->This is for the lovely poets who take their poetry a step further to share your poetry recitations via video recordings and live sessions. After all, shouldn’t poetry be recited for us to witness the play of emotions portrayed through the voice that nurtured the lovely poems?

Weekly Columns

-> Members of Poetry Parlour sharing and hosting their own activities on a regular basis in the room.

Write to [email protected] if you are interested in having your own space to share your insights of poetry with the members.


ArtoonsInn may pick the best of your poems and publish them (with your permission) via room9 publications. You may also send the best of your (previously unpublished) poems. Alternately, you can drop us an email at [email protected] if you’re looking to get your poetry collection published.