We Women !

The epitome of quintessence, a woman

Slacklining on difficult terrains

Even on heavy flow days

Encapsulating jillions of happiness 

You are a superwoman.


Shielded guardianship along personal success

Mother tolerates her lost dreams repressed

Still floating like lilies in cerulean waters

Buoyantly streamlining across misogynists knotter

You are a superwoman.


On thunderous cloudy days

Cushioning me in your arms with lays 

Sisters spinning mystic webs with love

Respect my needs and her aspirations behove

You are a superwoman.

Flickering flames of joys along hula

Our immensely inflated nebula

Engaging dinner dates for family

Daughters shining even in marked obscurity 

You are a superwoman.


Spilling tiny secrets reform

Of nurturing numerous life forms

Granny passing on traditions enthrall

Lively she sparks as unplugged waterfalls

You are a superwoman.


Summer holidays ecstasy 

When we go to visit naani 

Impeccable mixed feelings tinkling

Love your distinctive inklings 

You are a superwoman.


Struggling with scarred imperfections 

Lighting up just when needed with affection 

Like the magical heal of sun rays 

Conceding the adversary with embrace

You are a superwoman.

Ketki Jalan 

Picture- Unsplash 


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Written by Ketki

The royal superwoman

O'gal, You are Super Everywhere!!!