Walk the talk

What? Asking me to run, when I can barely walk?

Yeah! You guessed it right, obviously I fell down,

But I won’t give up, I know how to walk the talk,

His disparaging repartee won’t make me frown!


Why such high expectations? What is the reward?

Does such act of power fulfill his selfish needs?

In pursuit of his dreams, others’ wishes ignored,

He knows not one day; game will be won by the weeds!


Have you seen? The earth is bathed in colors of spring,

The frozen sheets of ice have melted from the trees,

He fell in his own trap- such deep sadness death brings,

The whip hand still there- strong gales turned to light breeze.


The baby steps- a final nail in the coffin,

To dismantle his ego, now I use often!


Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash


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Written by Amrita Lahiri

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