Voice of a Victim

I was young, innocent and a playful girl,

Oblivious to the events that would unfurl.

I was the apple of my parents’ eyes,

And had dreams that seemed to touch the skies.

I won everyone’s heart with my contagious smile,

Little did I know that my smile would last for a short while.

I was not prepared to venture into the darkness that childhood paved,

Never had I encountered men who were vile and depraved.

Chocolates and dolls were my most desired gifts,

However a beastly act brought my life to a complete shift.

Battered and bruised my world plunged into a tragic well,

The tormenting scenes forever in my mind did dwell.

Can you hear me plead for justice?

Please don’t let my hopes plummet down an abyss.


Picture Credit : Aimee Vogelsang ( Unsplash)


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