View From The Top

We all tend to think,

That the view from the top,

Is the best.

So, pulling and tugging,

Pushing and shoving,

Breathless in between,

We pause for a step,

Somehow, we make

It to the top.

Where we imagined,

The sunshine brighter,

And the clouds within reach.

But no one says,

That there is no overhead,

Or shade in between,

Its’s lonely and cold,

With no warm hand to hold.

Alas! We let our greed,

Get the better of ourselves,

The view from the top,

Takes us away from those,

At times,

That matter the most,

And make up the rest.


Pic credit: Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash


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Written by Sheetal Ashpalia

Sheetal is an aspiring writer who potters in poetry and discovering more each day! She was coerced into trying her hand out at poetry by friends from the writing community and is thoroughly enjoying this journey...

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