Valentine -The Black Feline

Walking like a queen,

She left the home all pretty and clean.


A head that doesn’t looks down,

Never leaving behind her pretty little crown.


Her friends waiting at the door,

She could never ask for more.


Making her soft and beautiful fur shine bright,

The sun felt happy and right.


Standing between trees,

Pondering upon the beauty of nature,

She thought to accept better.


Always so proud of her charcoal colour,

She moved ahead with absolute valour.


Always so kind,

Forever mine.


Having you all by my side,

Makes me feel strong and fine.


With a strong voice she loudly proclaimed,

“I’m proud of you my feline friends.”


What do you think?


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Written by Patricia Dcruze

My curious self always searches for explanation to the smallest of information that comes across through various means.At times when certain questions go unanswered, I make it a point to give the same an answer by amalgamating carefully coined words that finds home in the world ofΒ  story and poetry.Writing gives power to my thoughts that otherwise remain silent.

One… two…many…

Blind love