Valentine Diary

Feb 7th

A bunch of red roses,

Smeared in love,

Fragranced petals, leaves, even thorns

You handed over a token of your love.

An emotion stirred.

Feb 8th 

The straight look into my pupils

To express your feelings

Mesmerised me, touching the core.

A fact faced.


Feb 9th

My awestruck silence,

Mistaken as denial

To make the bond special

We took the bite from

The same side of a dark fantasy

A thought crept in.


Feb 10th

My touch on its soft fur 

Made me miss you

More often than my thought

A feeling emphasized.  


Feb 11th

A promise to walk hand in hand

Through the thick and thin

To the end of the horizon

Till death does us apart.


Feb 12th

The comfort of a hug

Arms around each other

And merging into your being

An observation shared.


Feb 13th

The shivering lips

Dipped in love

An enigma solved.


Feb 14th

A journey had started

You and me eternally together

To celebrate each day

As a love day dedicated.



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Written by Minati Pradhan

Writer and author, who loves music, art, food and conversation. Enthusiastic about life. A perennial positive person who also happens to be a independent researcher.

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