I search for a place,

A place called Utopia,

In every nook of the map.

A place which is filled with love,

Devoid of greed, hate and war.

A place where are all people are treated equal,

And live without the fear of being judged.

Where all dreams come true,

And no one is hungry or in pain.

Where people are blessed with good health,

And there is no room for diseases.

Where women are empowered and respected,

And all the atrocities against them are unheard of.

A place where people live in harmony,

Enjoying every moment with bliss,

And help each other out unconditionally 

by sowing the seeds of compassion.


Alas! I realize there is no such place,

It is a fictional place

known to exist only in the realms of fantasy.


I envision this place for a time in future,

By playing my significant part in creating the utopian world,

With the hope that the efforts of tiny drops will one day make up the mighty ocean.


Picture Credit : Pexels 


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