Untold Agony!

Some nights the naked heart

ceases to listen

beats without a pause

making inaudible sounds

reverberating voiceless thuds

reciting the same rusty tune.


some nights the grey heart whisks

stirs the dormant wounds

peels the parched scars

makes sure the healed crevices

spurt fresh blood

widens every sealed rift

rekindles the subdued agony.


often on rainy nights

the garish kisses that shroud

the dusky lips bleed blue

the tangible burden of bygone love

pricks this red hot soul, forcing

tiny dews to trickle from it,

the thorns have outgrown

the thin blossoms

the bud-less stem waits

for another monsoon.


And sometimes in the silence

of this cosy darkness

when the moon and stars are busy

playing peek-a-boo with the mists

this tender organ reminisces

the lost sunsets,

the forgotten full moons

the rain-soaked nights,

slipping into an unknown chasm

full of uncertain expectations.๐Ÿ’š

Pic Courtesy: pixabay


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
For Life is a Gift๐Ÿ’š

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