Until We Meet Again…


Adieu! my love, until we meet again,

Again, when the vernal cloak will be adorned by nature,

Nature, which is known for its unparalled beauty,

Beauty, which is sprinkled in birds,beasts and flowers,

Flowers, which covers the rustic paths with colours,

Colours, which rejuvinates the life of the mortals,

Mortals, who dream of a rainbow coloured life,

Life, which is known for its manifold struggles,

Struggles, which strengthens our spirit and resolutions,

Resolutions, which brings our long awaited achievements,

Achievements, which rewards us  with a meaningful existence,

Existence, which remains incomplete without love,

Love, which  will be shining in our eyes,

Eyes , which will be longing for our union,

Union,which will be due for long, until we meet again…adieu!


What do you think?


Written by Indrani Chowdhury

Indrani Chowdhury was born and raised in the north-east city of India, at Guwahati in Assam. She did her post graduation in English literature and had worked as a teacher for some years. Her friends describes her as a simple, hard working girl. She is settled at Bangalore after her marriage and is a mother of a one and a half years old.The world of books have always intrigued her and she has a knack for writing. Besides this, she likes travelling, cooking for her family and friends and meeting interesting people.


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