I stare into the unfathomable expanse

the mysterious playground where

Millions of light-years away  

The stars, planets, whirl in the unknown

scout the dark, hollow paths

traverse, or sometimes just 

collide with each other, 


We are a fraction in this enormous universe 

often gazing at the tranquil Moon 

or worshipping the raging Sun

admiring the bizarre play of stars,

tiny atoms of the cosmos 

rush through our veins

Infusing an undying spirit,


the unexplored spectrum 

where lies a virgin sea 

of  foreign worlds 

unfamiliar faces, strange beings,

yet bonded by  

the same speck of stardust,

We coexist, aware of each other’s presence

aware of our unusual friendship,

aware of our interdependence, 


So there…

Somewhere on the other side of this Universe

where life doesn’t trail the limbs of time 

where galaxies illuminate not a vacuum but our hearts

where stars never crash or fade but glow incessantly

where the Sun rests granting the Moon show her radiance

My heart waits to hear your Footsteps

My eyes wait to see your smiling face

My soul waits to merge in you, my Soulmate!๐Ÿ’š

Pic courtesy: Pixabay


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Written by Sonali Ray

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