Unheard cries

Dear lenie

You have compelled me to write

Of the unheard cries of our children

So innocent and fragile 

These little angels why do they suffer so much

Aren’t we supposed to be their guardians

Their knights, their providers, their shield?

We abandon them, we are cruel

We have wars and not think of them

The motherless, the fatherless,

The homeless , the abused, the hungry child

We don’t deserve such precious little gifts

As so many of their cries and voices go unheard

Into the dust, away with the wind., drowned with the rain

For we refuse to listen them 

Their hearts as God pure

They forgive, they love freely

We pray and ask God to please

Send your angels to guard these little angels


What do you think?


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  1. Really unheard cries. I felt it talks about forced abortions and the last line requests the muse to send his own angel that means please don’t be harsh but become gentle and hear them they are God’s pure souls…. very beautifully expressed emotions. Thank-you.

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