Underrated art of Doodling !

Ungathered ,on my perch I think I am aging

Intellectual capacities which were caging

Pandemic was about to start

Making illustrations was not an easy art

Positivity was the need of the hour

And a character was needed to portray what I ponder

Her Temper and persona was to be tended

Hours and weeks passed by

I did not have a degree to stand by

Non stop scribbling, taxing and demanding

Support however came from unexpected origins

Grasped this was not the extreme margin

Months passed and I achieved dexterity

Still uncertain about the color of territory

The quotes needed to be contemplated

Papers stationaries scanners camera zero updated

Whether my artwork would survive

Viewpoints would be thrown and scoffed off

But self discipline will let me contrive

The innovations that dwell inside my bosom

Creative visions, independent compositions whispers from heart’s quiesce

The innate powers that would compel me to supercede

The world everyday needs new chimerical to precede

I have earned my mellifluous  niche.

Ketki Jalan 

Picture – Self


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  1. Loved your optimism!

    These lines shook me because they are deeply impacting; “The world every day needs a new chimerical to precede.” I am reminded of Sir Walter Scott’s lines: “What a tangled web we weave when we seek to deceive.”

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