Under The Silver Star

I see a twinkle in the sky,

As I head for my walk each night,

There he is, saying ‘Hi!’


His boyish charm, a dream,

Beckons me to infinity,

As he sits nestled, with the supreme.


His smiles filled with hope,

Lost their battle with life,

Whilst we still learn to cope.


His vision remained bigger,

Beyond all our imagination,

The universe, clearly the trigger.


Blended into the wide expanse,

What he always dreamed of,

Each night he does a happy dance.


There he is, the silver star,

Showering positive aura upon me,

Snuggled in eternity, from afar.


*This poem is a dedication to the India actor, Sushant Singh Rajput on his birthday, 21st January and this is my interpretation as a poet to the large fan following and the void he leaves behind. I have also tried to convey his love for astrophysics through this poem.


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  1. Oh gosh Sheetal, what a wonderful tribute to Sushant. And you covered every aspect of his being so well. Kudos to you. May he rest in peace. I am sure he will be chuckling and his face will have that boyish grin that we all so love, when he reads this.💚💚

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Written by Sheetal Ashpalia

Sheetal is an aspiring writer who potters in poetry and discovering more each day! She was coerced into trying her hand out at poetry by friends from the writing community and is thoroughly enjoying this journey...