Under the Amaltas Tree

Looks like an artist

Dipped his brush in the sun

To dye your golden tresses

And blind me with your light

 The fringes of your glitter

 Grew ladders to touch my soul

 Swinging in the warm breeze

 You enticed me for a hug


 And when I grew tired

 Of the passionate heat

 You trapped the flames in your frame

 And spilled your golden rain

 It seems you gave all

 For now the boughs lay bereft

 But I can still savour

 Your fragrant breath in the air


 I love how our love story

 Oscillates through the seasons

 My parched surface pining

 For your cooling touch

 Though it’s summer I always wait for

 But it would forever be the monsoon

 When promises are made of a recap

 Under the Amaltas tree!

Image Courtesy: Prasad Np @desitraveler


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Written by Sheena Jain

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