Unclasp your heart


Unclasp the door of your heart,

Of infinity become a part.

Unfasten that tight latch

From mundane become detach.

Give space for divinity to enter

Become calm, be centered.

Feel the transcendental energy flow,

The aura of which shall make you glow.


Unseal those tight clasps,

Become empty, let go of all grasps.

For more you will let go, more will come,

Gradually seraphic you too shall become. 


The omnipotent awaits to hold your hands

To take you to mystical, empyreal lands. 

For He wants to make you HIS part,

So, unclasp the door of your heart.





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Written by Shirstee Singh

One part of the cosmos!

PP Pioneer

Unconditioal love.

Only for Some Opium I Wish….