Umpteen Reasons…

You never call me honey.

Or Sweetie, Cuddle-bunny.

We stride, stranger-like, on our walks.

You grumble that far too much, I talk.

Your snores could rival those of a lion.

Your pokey beard leaves me sighing.


But it’s all the other stuff you do,

That makes me forgive the ‘non-romantic’ you.

The tantalizing food and my birthday cake,

A hot bag when I have a migraine.

Long nights you waited up with our boy.

It’s the way you bring our daughter joy.


I can easily say that pure love is such.

Romantic evenings, nah, not so much.

Umpteen reasons why I love you, and more…

I shan’t show you this poem lest you call me a bore!


Pic credit: Unsplash: Designecologist.


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Written by Natasha Sequeira

PP Pioneer


The land of my dreams