Fervently, I await, for the sunbeams to ebb,

Fervently, I await, for twilight to descend


Depraved Is my pneuma, vile are my thoughts

They say, for I revere what the night plots


Say, what they may, for remiss they are

That sewed with night tide, are fantasies of my star


With dreams decimated, breaths wiped in a blimp

She tiptoed to heaven, my lilliputian imp


Come night, she frollicks in my dreams, hugs me tight

In a better place I am, she says, cocooned from evil sprite


At peace I am, for the place she is in, safeguards her from

Every perversive vice, every malicious intention, hence


Fervently I await, for the sunbeams to ebb,

Fervently I await, for twilight to descend


Photo By: Tim Mossholder


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Written by Maneet Gulati Ahuja

Maneet Gulati is a post graduate in microbiology. Now a stay at home mother and a freelance blogger, she has won multiple flash fiction contests in online communities. She is an avid reader and fell in love with poetry just recently. For her, it has been quite an enriching and liberating experience since poetry has given wings to her thoughts. She feels she has found her latent love in poetry.

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