Tumbling Golds

Draped in her golden quilt

the earth sleeps

the bare brown slender arms

waiting to adorn the pearly cape,

scarlet pages carpet

the soggy earth

and pumpkin cinnamon flavours

waft in the crisp air,

The melting Sun is inching

the horizon

tired wings gliding back

in sluggish motion,

countless golds blanket the earth

yet no takers of this wealth,

they lie abandoned, forsook

skillfully detached from their roots,

crunched by many feet

blown by the trembling breeze,

few huddled by the rake

few immersed in the nearby lake,

some treasured by nature lover

some left to be dissolved into the earth,

From green to gold to rust brown

the saga of these homeless leaves remain unsung,

yet in their twilight moment

they leave behind joy and mirth

scarlet films now reel a new movie

With every green leaf’s birth.๐Ÿ’š

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Written by Sonali Ray

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