Truth in disguise….

The legality of a lie

Lies in the hands of one who lie

Letting it’s lethargy

Rule like pioneer guy.


Amidst the hazy dusk

It hid under the cloak called dark

Playing the game of tease

Enjoying the pleasure of appease.


Grown big with pride

Now lie freely ride

Like the owner who never owns

Yet takes pleasure in owning others.


Though lie never wins

Builds castle like kings

Flaunt like the royal blood himself

Even defying the very true self.


Lie never has a life

It only sustains under malice

Sucks like a leech

And kills the truth with breach.


Beware of the lie that lies

In all that your eyes witness

Awning all that was not hers

Not even leaving footprints.


Poet’s note: finally for today I tried to pen for what lie is and how it destroys everything.

Photo courtesy: Jason Blackeye on unsplash.


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