True Lies

When the world scorned at me I was hurt

I disliked every word they said, but I kept quiet!

But when the gibes came from my own people

They left me in zillion shards scattered all over!

And then, I, too, began to attack myself.

I lost my chirpy self for I was filled with remorse

Since everyone was pointing fingers at me

I might be wrong and my deeds erroneous!

How I lost all my confidence and good vibes

Charred and scared I carefully locked the doors and windows!

It took me years to discern that those barbs were false

A thousand colourful lies they had painted out of their unhealed selves

Some willingly, some unknowingly followed the beats of the devil’s music.

Pulling down me, mud-slinging and making me lose self-respect

How foolish of me to acknowledge those lies and giving them airs!

As I grew up, I understood my talent lay in my mind.

My heart and my mind aligned at the right time

Taking me out of my stupor and opening a new world before me

I began listening to the music of my soul

And began revelling in my unique journey!

Such lies might be enjoyable but painful for the receiver

Better avoid them lest you crush a budding flower even before it blooms!

You don’t know how your casual jokes rock a life, turn it upside down

How the hapless being lives his life faltering and cowering under fear!

Very few can overcome them, most succumb to the false pressures!


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  1. Beautiful thought, Amrita! Yrs, better to avoid them than to be nipped in the bud!
    I have seen people su cumb to such pretentious pressures, crude jokes and cruel remarks…this pleasure they get from teasing others..πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
    Very well written!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer


Love With God