Travel to moon

I wish to travel to the moon

and set up a house, there

The Earth’s getting contaminated

I want to escape the danger, here

I can buy some moon-land

To board the spaceship, I need to dare

I want to live happy and longer

To God, that’s my only prayer!


But I had these thoughts, until yesterday

Today, I think otherwise

What would I do alone, on the moon

With no humans, how would I survive

I’m fortunate about my learnings

Coexistence is the key, I’ve realized

We must Lean-in to benefit each other

and make humanity, our lifelong guide!



DAY 1 poem for #NaPoWriMo21

Based on the theme ‘favorite book’. I wrote this, using the title of a book I loved reading years back – “Lean In”


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Written by Nitika Sawhney

I am an aspiring writer. I'm still discovering my strengths and learning the art of poetry and prose.

Professionally, I'm into Internal Communications and feel blessed to have a work life that is closely related to what I am passionate about, Writing :)

PS. I Love You!

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