To the sunshine in every life

To every lady that lives on this earth..

who toils day and night from birth,

who provides warmth and care without any dearth,

This is to tell the rest of the world your worth!


The smile on your face never dies,

People around you never hear your cries,

a big lake of love in your heart lies,

and from it we receive love like the endless skies!


We are brought up surrounded by all your care,

and during this time harm coming near us is very rare,

And with lovely thoughts and deeds that you share

we become quite humble and fair.


Giving is a task you never let go,

though it makes your life’s other tasks slow,

In the end you create a new you in every individual you sow,

And be very happy though returns are very low!


It is difficult to live in your shoes…

with an agenda so difficult through and through,

throughout life you will be tightening up screws,

to see us live a life where we never lose!


What do you think?


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Written by Radhika

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