To My Dearest Ma





Thank you Ma, 

  For gifting me this beautiful world

Thank you Ma, 

  For enduring all my mood swings 

Thank you Ma, 

  For patiently listening to every complaint

Thank you Ma, 

  For hearing the words that I never said

Thank you Ma, 

  For holding my hand when I thought nobody would be there for me

Thank you Ma, 

  For sowing in me patience and courage

Thank you Ma, 

  For everything that you did, for I can’t even express 

Thank you Ma,

  For knowing me more than I know myself.

But there were times, 

  When I hurt you with my words

  When I listened to my heart and ridiculed your concern  

   When I thought your opinion mattered more than mine

   When my attitude was the reason for your tears

For all that pain that you endured

For the sleepless nights that you suffered

For all the fragments that I did to your heart

For all the misdeeds on my part

I know my apology can never suffice the harm I did but all I can say, 

I am sorry!

I am sorry!

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Written by Sonali Ray

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