Those Lily White Eyes

Through the tinted glass,

Peeped those lily white eyes

What solace, twas, 

A mere espy of those lily white eyes

Purging my weariness

Balmy, palliative, those lily white eyes


As she scuttled out of the school bus

With a gaze,lovelorn, hooked, I was, to those lily white eyes

I knew, that she knew

How I longed to hold her, to kiss her

How sorely had I missed

Her scent, her warmth, her embrace


Tight, I hugged her in my arms

Hopelessly in love, with those lily white eyes

And then, with the saddest voice

She muttered, I don’t like my teacher 

Why, my dear, do you say so

I asked, sensing the pain in those lily white eyes


Dunked with pails of tears

Welled up, grieving, were those lily white eyes

With broken notes, she sobbed

Dont touch, don’t kiss your ma and pa’s face,

Don’t go to parks and playdates

Said my teacher, don’t come to school


For out loose, is a virus called Corona

Which can make you and your loved ones ill

But, I have been ill before

I have had the flus, coughs and fevers

Never have I had, to keep myself away

From you, from pa, from the ones I hold dear


Why do these viruses come, ma

Who makes them, can’t you stop them ma

Asked my innocent four year old

Yearning for answers, were those lily white eyes

Vainly, I made her understand

Whilst a dagger, tore my heart apart


What times, are we living in

What wrath, nature has unleashed onto us

But, wait, it’s not nature’s deed

But, one of our own, that has brought us to times

Full of fears and worries

For the safety of our loved ones, that they have to be confined


Behind closed doors

But, my dear child, my love for you 

will always remain

The way it was before

Times like these, have made me treasure

And love you even more


What do you think?

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Written by Maneet Gulati Ahuja

Maneet Gulati is a post graduate in microbiology. Now a stay at home mother and a freelance blogger, she has won multiple flash fiction contests in online communities. She is an avid reader and fell in love with poetry just recently. For her, it has been quite an enriching and liberating experience since poetry has given wings to her thoughts. She feels she has found her latent love in poetry.

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